INN-PRESSME is developing materials and solutions for industry to replace fossil resources with sustainable, efficient, and cost-competitive bio-based materials. Results should ensure a massive change in the handling of bio-based raw materials in the packaging, energy, transport, and end consumer sectors.

ESCI's role in the project:

ESCI together with our Belgian partner Greenovate! Europe is responsible for communication and dissemination. While Greenovate! Europe is in charge of the overall work package, ESCI is responsible for the strategic development and implementation of the visual identity of INN-PRESSME, as well as for the digital communication. This includes the conceptual development and implementation of all social media and website activities, such as the creation of graphics and infographics, videos and animations. In terms of content, ESCI is also developing journalistic formats and is creating all project communication materials for internal and external use.

Portfolio examples: