The objective of MASTER is to boost the XR ecosystem for teaching and training of robotics in manufacturing by providing an Open XR platform that integrates key functionalities for creating safe robotic environments, programming flexible robotic applications (programming by demonstration in flexible robotic application development) and integrating advanced interaction mechanisms (innovation in gaze-based interaction). MASTER will also deliver rich training content on robotics.

ESCI's role in the project:

ESCI is managing the communication and dissemination activities. ESCI will produce an introductory video to explain the concept and the possibility to participate in the project via the Open Calls as an industrial partner. Those Open Calls will be released on the project website. Throughout the project, ESCI is also creating original content, which is at the heart of project communication: press releases, news pieces, interviews and blog posts explain key features and advances of the project and are distributed via relevant channels to achieve the goals of educating the community in XR tools for industry applications.

Portfolio examples:

Examples coming soon...