The new user-centric energy ecosystem under the motto “Change Your Energy”, this EU-funded project seeks to empower consumers to rethink how they use energy, helping them move toward a wholly more sustainable approach.

For most people, energy is an invisible daily companion. We live in its midst, hardly noticing it is there – until it’s gone. We should all think more about how we use energy. Its production and use contribute substantially to CO2 emissions. This is because we still rely much on fossil fuels – 86% of energy produced in the European Union comes from them (source: World Energy Council 2017). Added to that is the ever growing demand for energy and its unsustainable use. But this is where ReDREAM steps in.

ESCI's role in the project:

ESCI is responsible for the work package 7 (WP7) in this project and thus leads all tasks for the topics of communication and dissemination. Besides the basics like visual identity, digital communication (conception and implementation) in social media and on the ReDREAM website, the focus is also on cooperations and collaborations under the BRIDGE Horizon 2020 initiative. ESCI will not only initiate contacts but will also take care of building a project community to work together sustainably and efficiently on projects with similar benefits.
But also the field of popular science communication has a special focus in the ReDREAM project. Due to the consumer focus, ESCI must try to reach the general public with all content and thus support the building of a resilient community.
ESCI also manages the IP that is developed in the project. And ESCI supports REDREAM in the creation of its exploitation roadmap to ensure impact of the project`s results.

Portfolio examples: