Projects (Completed)

Completed projects

Innoveas – INNOVating the uptake of Energy Auditing Schemes for SMEs

The project is aiming at designing and deploying staff trainings and capacity building programmes to enhance corporate policy towards energy efficiency, energy culture and sustainable supply-chain initiatives. ESCI’s role in the project ...

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GRECO – Open Science in the photovoltaic sector

GRECO was a multinational project, where scientists pioneered Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) practices. GRECO has demonstrated how the implementation of Open Science supports and contributes to scientific excellence. GRECO published the Practical Guide on ...

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sCO2-flex – Making fossil fuel more flexible and environmentally friendly

sCO2-Flex stands for “supercritical CO2 Cycle for Flexible & Sustainable Support to the Electricity System” and is aiming to adapt fossil-fuel power plants to the future energy system requirements. ESCI&#8217 ...

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RUBIZMO – Replicable business models for modern rural economies

Rural areas cover more than 50% of Europe´s surface and face numerous challenges. RUBIZMO is a European initiative working to discover the vital ingredients for developing entrepreneurship and successful business models in high potential ...

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Laser4Surf – Nano patterns for industrial applications

European researchers explored how using laser structuring can alter and improve the properties or performance of metals to boost the functionality of batteries, implants and linear encoders. This project ended successfully in March 2021. ESCI ...

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ETEKINA – Heat pipe technology

ETEKINA is aiming to recover more than 40% of the waste heat stream in energy intensive industries. The project is based on heat pipe technology and is currently being tested on three demo sites. Each ...

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