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Icon Visual identity

Visual Identity

Research projects need to be brought to life and applied in the real world. To achieve this, you need to create a suitable visual identity and corporate image. We’ll help you create not just a compelling logo, but also brochures, websites, digital apps and videos all within a comprehensive branding strategy.

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Icon Science Journalism

Science Journalism

Researchers usually work on complex topics that are light years away from non-technical audiences. At ESCI we are skilled in telling simple but engaging stories about complex research, and our journalists always look out for the right hooks to draw in target audience. Science writing doesn’t just involve crafting a compelling article, interview or story; it’s also about getting the publication strategy right.

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Icon tv broadcast

TV broadcast

One of the key strengths of ESCI is its ability to bring European research to the TV screen. For this, our team of experienced TV journalists produces videos in broadcast quality that are tailored for international TV broadcasters. We find the right angle, come up with the appropriate journalistic hook and liaise closely with our contacts at TV stations to ensure great output on our screens.

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Icon Social Media

Social media

We believe that knowledge is best delivered through audience interaction. Therefore every social media strategy is different, as every research project has different communication needs. We develop the right approach for you to start a dialogue with your partners, the public or journalists and share issues, knowledge and topics you care about.

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Icon web video

Web videos

Videos are probably the most popular means of communication on the web. The combination of moving images with voice-over, music, animations or graphic effects makes it possible to get a message across in the most memorable and also compelling way. Therefore at ESCI, web videos play a central role in communicating scientific research to different audiences.

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Icon Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement

Citizen engagement, citizen science, public participation, social innovation, co-creation… there are many terms trying to capture the emerging and significant shift towards a more balanced approach. Today, creating a sustainable project or initiative often means actively engaging with citizens to define the issues we face, identify solutions to pursue, and manage their delivery together.

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Icon Communication training

Communication training

We believe that knowledge is best delivered through interaction with the audience and that our imaginative approach to communication training can ensure your initiatives and projects make a lasting impression.

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Icon behaviour change

Behaviour change

All challenges the society faces today are dependent on understanding the human behaviour and changing it! Consumer behaviour is complex and rarely follows traditional economic

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