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Behaviour change


All challenges the society faces today are dependent on understanding the human behaviour and changing it!

Consumer behaviour is complex and rarely follows traditional economic theories of decision-making. People often believe they are making smart and highly rational decisions when they choose which products to buy or what services to use – however this is often not the case!

A lot of behaviour occurs at the emotional, automatic or habitual level and additionally we are all driven by social norms, environmental and contextual factors. 

Behavioural Science is concerned with understanding behaviour and developing effective interventions to influence it. 

For example, when developing strategies for the society to go green, it is crucial to understand the factors that drive a behaviour change.  We all want to save the planet but when it is time to make effortful individual changes in our daily routine, it is more difficult. However, the addition of small individual changes in behaviour will help globally to turn towards a positive green revolution!

Behaviour change interventions involve activities, policies, awareness campaigns, products and services designed to make a positive difference to the way people act.

With this knowledge, strategies can be developed to encourage renewable and sustainable energy use or to motivate a more environmentally friendly behaviour.