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Communication training

Training for Researchers & Project Managers

We devise and deliver tailor made training packed full of case studies, advice, and hands on testing of media tools and techniques. From the founding principals of effective communication and measurement to novel ways to tell stories with data, our courses give the power to create and convince audiences.

Media and Social Media Workshops

Media training can be highly effective in helping you develop the skills to get your message across concisely and with impact. We work to equip individuals and groups with the necessary skills to identify opportunities to engage with the media – in person and online – to create real-time, positive impact, both for their professional roles and their personal career portfolios.

Interpersonal & Business Training

Scientists and researchers increasingly need to build or strengthen bridges with new stakeholders, the business world and investors or even a range of multi-disciplinary project teams. We help individuals and organisations strengthen the skills needed to motivate, engage and get an optimum end result.