Icon Visual identity

Visual Identity

Research projects need to be brought to life and applied in the real world. To achieve this, you need to create a suitable visual identity and corporate image. That’s not easy unless you’re communication specialists like we are at ESCI. We’ll help you create not just a compelling logo, but also brochures, websites, digital apps and videos all within a comprehensive branding strategy.

Logo Design

A logo should reflect what the project is about, simply and iconically. We first pinpoint the project’s features and essence to be conveyed through the future brand. This careful analysis then enables us to design various logos in different styles and levels of complexity to give you a choice of look and feel.

Dissemination Materials

A badly designed brochure isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. But a cleverly crafted postcard, booklet or poster can make all the difference because it piques people’s curiosity. And curiosity leads to interest in what you’re doing. Ultimately you’re trying to achieve buy-in, whether you’re addressing the scientific community, policy makers or just talking to the next-door neighbour. Therefore whenever we put together an awareness campaign for a research project, we will only pick those dissemination tools that can really hit home and help confirm the project’s visual identity.