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Web videos

Videos are probably the most popular means of communication on the web. The combination of moving images with voice-over, music, animations or graphic effects makes it possible to get a message across in the most memorable and also compelling way. Therefore at ESCI, web videos play a central role in communicating scientific research to different audiences. In fact, as our history reveals, filmmaking is part of our DNA.

Image Video

A video on the web should be short, concise, entertaining and informative – otherwise it will neither be watched nor shared. We produce films for international science institutions, research projects and sometimes for industry leaders with a focus on scientific research.


We work with talented 3D and 2D animators of different styles and techniques to bring to life all the things you would like to see on screen. Sometimes, that means creating a photorealistic model of a machine that doesn’t yet exist. At other times people want to visualise an abstract concept. In some cases, we just need to animate your logo.

Multimedia Web Story (pageflow)

Pageflow is the perfect tool combining text, photographs and video. It’s also great value for money as we can re-use photographs or video material you may have shot in the past. Using many new interactive features, it’s a unique tool for telling stories on the web in an entertaining and informative way. Pageflow is a service provided by ESCI’s sister company Leonardo Film.

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Educational Video

Children love videos. So if you want to reach them, you should produce videos that are fun to watch and suited to their age. But do take them seriously!

VR glasses

360° Video

Videos shot in 360 degrees provide a unique viewer experience when watched on a mobile phone, tablet, or even better an Occulus Rift. The concept usually generates a high interest on the web. The challenge as a science communicator is to use these great visuals as a hook to spread the word about your research project or institution.