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ESCI is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers scientists, helping them communicate and connect with the public to bridge the gap between science and society. At ESCI, we strive to foster greater understanding and raise support for scientific endeavours across the board.

About us

The European Science Communication Institute (ESCI) supports national and international research initiatives in communicating effectively and leveraging their dissemination potential. In addition to providing up-to-date media training, we have put together a compelling set of dissemination tools specifically with your stakeholders and target audiences in mind. Our multi-skilled team can ensure your message not only tells, but sells – and our offer to you includes: optimising your web communication, producing state-of-the-art videos, harnessing social media, organising workshops and engaging with end-users to make sure you hit the mark.

As a truly European organisation, we draw on key contributors from across the continent. Our senior science communicators work in France, Belgium, the UK and Germany. We also enjoy close ties with science communication specialists in almost every EU country, which enables us to deliver locally adapted solutions in local languages.


Founded in July 2016, ESCI is the brainchild of science journalist Elmar Bartlmae and communication strategist Helga Treiber who have worked together for over 15 years. Today they are quite at home in explaining to a European TV audience how nanotechnology is changing the way we live, and they know all about how to engage the general public in Smart City initiatives. Drawing on their combined strengths, Elmar and Helga felt it was time to channel their expertise by setting up an institute wholly dedicated to addressing the challenges of science communication at European level.

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