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ESCI is a not-for-profit organisation that empowers scientists, helping them communicate and connect with the public to bridge the gap between science and society.

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🎙️#BrightMindsTalking: With Dr. Clio Deferm from @KU_Leuven as part of the @Sea4value project.
We made her ...interview about her work and extracting minerals and metals even more interesting by adding some real lab footage and an animation we created:

The #LHC will be used again after a 3-year hiatus in less than a week! Today also marks the 10th anniversary of the ...#Higgsboson's discovery by the LHC #scientists 👨🏽‍🔬👩🏻‍🔬. What else will we learn about the universe this time? 🔍💡 #scicomm @CERN

#SocialMediaDay 2022: History, significance and everything you need to know you can find here 👇

We welcome @criis_tina8, our new junior #ScienceCommunicator!💐 She is from #Barcelona and holds a bachelor’s in ...#Biology, master’s in #Genetics&Genomics + #SciComm. She has co-created different #dissemination and #outreach projects. ⬇️here at #ESCI's #waddensea tour

🐚 Do you know what the 5 #strategies for animals are to survive in the #waddensea near #Schillig? 🦐 We got to ...know them* on our social #ESCI event and had a lot of fun exploring together a fascinating landscape that is full of life. 🦀
#teamevent #NationalparkWattenmeer


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Our services

Visual identity

Research projects need to be brought to life and applied in the real world. To achieve this, we help you to create a suitable visual identity and corporate image. 

Science journalism

Researchers usually work on complex topics that are light years away from non-technical audiences. At ESCI we are skilled in telling simple but engaging stories about complex research.  

TV broadcast

One of the key strengths of ESCI is its ability to bring European research to the TV screen. Our experienced TV journalists produce videos in broadcast quality tailored for international TV broadcasters. 

Social media

We believe that knowledge is best delivered through audience interaction. Therefore we develop customized social media strategies for every research project.

Web videos

Videos are probably the most popular means of communication on the web. Therefore at ESCI, web videos play a central role in communicating scientific research to different audiences.

Citizen engagement

Creating a sustainable project or initiative often means actively engaging with citizens to define the issues we face, identify solutions to pursue, and manage their deliver together. 

Behaviour change

For some research projects is it essential to understand  consumer decision-making and behaviour.  Behavioural Science can bring new insights into human psychology and the weak points in decision-making processes.

Communication training

ESCI believes that knowledge is best delivered through audience interaction. Our imaginative approach to communication training can ensure your initiatives and projects make a lasting impression.

Current Projects