Discovering the vital ingredients for developing entrepreneurship and successful business models in rural areas.

The growing Potential of Rural Areas

Rural economies play an important role in Europe, with the agricultural sector in particular supporting millions of jobs throughout the EU. However, rural areas face numerous challenges. Global competition, changing markets and environmental challenges all impact upon traditional rural activities. Additionally, young, educated people are being drawn to urban areas, where better paid and diverse employment opportunities are available. This requires the development and implementation of new business models to maintain, and improve living standards.

The challenge is to instigate growth and job creation in highly diverse rural areas through a wide scale uptake of emerging new business models in the food sector, bio-based value chains and eco-system services as well as ICT application and decentralised energy solutions.

In this context, the main objective of RUBIZMO is to foster the modernisation and sustainable growth of rural economies by bridging the gap between specific, localised innovative business models and value chains, and their large-scale deployment in other geographical areas. This deployment will increase resilience in rural communities via a significant potential to create added-value, social cohesion and jobs, and contribute to more sustainable use of resources including the environment.