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Challenging embedded thinking and practices in the water sector by embracing circular economy principles and technological innovation

ESCI's role in the project:

ESCI is leading the communication work package. Communication, collaboration, and engagement are pillars of excellence and innovation on a par with NextGen’s technical endeavours. Project communications are vital to support NextGen goals and will specifically seek to:

• promote active engagement and knowledge sharing between 10 demo cases, project partners, end users, a range of professional stakeholders and engage with citizens
• external communication and promotion of the project evidence base, case studies, experiences, and outcomes, to widely promote the principals of NextGen
• to establish a knowledge legacy as an ongoing platform to promote and share the principals of the project to support creation of new spin-offs, new business opportunities and long-term jobs in water supply.

ESCI is producing a range of accessible and compelling content using the latest visual, digital, video, and journalistic techniques aiming to stimulate targeted expert and non-expert audiences. An additional layer of international outreach and collaboration will further support replication and international commercial success of European expertise.

Portfolio examples: