The vision of R-ACES is to support high-potential industrial parks and clusters to become fully-fledged EcoRegions that reduce emissions by at least 10%. They do so by exchanging surplus energy, making extensive use of renewables and tying everything together with smart energy management systems.

Energy Cooperation Platform

R-ACES means a step-change in the contribution of European Industry to the climate targets of the EU. The sector after all represents 25% of all energy demand – and 50% of all cooling and heating – on the continent; yet only 16% comes from renewables. By focusing on collective measures and clustering, the efficiency of industry can be drastically increased.

The focus of R-ACES therefore is to turn high-potential, high-impact industrial clusters into EcoRegions that achieve at least a 10% reduction in emissions. An EcoRegion is an area where energy, material and information exchanges occur between various companies and actors to reduce waste and energy/material consumption. Each region is centred on an (eco-)industrial park or (eco-)business park.

R-ACES is a Horizon2020 project funded under the call for “Business case for industrial heat/cold recovery” and runs for 30 months.