NOMAD´s mission is to develop a unique solution for production of high-quality organic fertilisers and soil amenders from anaerobically digested organic waste. Join us as we break new ground on the road to a more sustainable, regenerative agriculture

Organic Recovery made possibly for small plants

Digestate – the material remaining after the anaerobic digestion of a biodegradable feedstock – is primarily used to improve the physical qualities of soil. However, constraints such as the lack of available cost-effective equipment currently prevent small plants from turning digestate into bio-fertiliser products. The EU-funded NOMAD project aims to overcome this obstacle by developing a novel, small-scale tech solution that will recover fibre and specific nutrients from the digestate. These nutrients can then be used to formulate high performance bio-fertiliser products. Given the solution’s mobility and modularity, it could serve multiple plants and result in shared costs that make it more viable than installing systems at individual plants.