WEDISTRICT is aiming to demonstrate that district heating and cooling systems can be built on a combination of renewable energy sources and waste heat recovery solutions and thus be 100% fossil-free.

ESCI's role in the project:

ESCI is managing the communication and dissemination activities, raising awareness about fossil-free district heating and cooling solutions developed within the project and increasing their public acceptance. ESCI is taking care of the visual identity of the project, the website and social media presence. ESCI is creating supporting material, such as project brochures, posters, postcards, etc. to enhance the project presence in conferences and meetings. Throughout the project, ESCI is creating original content, which is at the heart of project communication: press releases, news pieces, interviews and blog posts explain key features and advances of the project and are distributed via relevant channels. ESCI is also responsible for behavioural change activities (focus groups with citizens, an awareness campaign) that target local communities at two demo sites of the project. At the end of the project, ESCI will produce an explainer video for each demo site to visualise the project solutions and their benefits.

Portfolio examples:

WeDistrict - Demonstration cases